Website Development and Upgrading

Though many people are aware of the issue of accessibility with websites, the vast majority of websites are still not adapted to be barrier-free. While the web is bountiful with information, about 20% of the population cannot access this information the way the other 80% of the population does. Information is important to all of us; we all want to be and stay up-to-date. We believe everyone should have access to information and so at Arabotz Media, we encourage creating websites without barriers from the ground up. If you already have a website, we can make recommendations to increase your presence and exposure.


If you need a website, we can write and support development of both internal and external websites. Our creative team can ensure development of the site that meets your needs while building in accessibility. We develop sites with basic web accessibility issues in mind or more complex sites conforming to more specific standards such as SCORM.*  And we’re really good at it.


Check out this example of an internal education site requiring SCORM compliance.


*SCORM isn’t actually a standard in and of itself but rather a reference to standards and how to use them together…just in case you wanted to know.




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