What is an Arabotz?

Purple Elephant Graphic

Arabotz Media Logo

Why the purple elephant?

We’ve been asked a number of times why we have a purple elephant for our logo. It’s really quite simple. Disabilities are often “the elephant in the room” that people won’t talk about. We don’t ignore the elephants in the room; we point them out even though sometimes it gets us in trouble. But once the elephants are identified, we can work with them. It doesn’t have to be awkward to acknowledge the obvious.

The elephant is purple because purple is our Chief Mahout’s favorite color.

What is an Arabotz?

An Arabotz is an elephant…at least that’s what our Chief Mahout called an elephant when she was little.  Once she knew the elephant was the logo, it was a small leap to name the company Arabotz.

While researching the name, we found out that Arabot is highest of the seven heavens or spheres in Judaism – it is said that all the heavens are lighted from the radiance of Arabot. We like that.   It’s also a robot.  We kinda like that too.

This is the Arabot robot created as a graduation project at the University of Cairo.

A robot called Arabot

Arabot Robot

You can learn more about this robot by clicking on this link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arabot/145931025418113?sk=info


If you’re down this far on the page, then you probably want to know what a “mahout” is. Admit it. If you do, then email us and ask. We might even give you a special treat.



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