Is your media doing all it can for you?

Most of us just don’t think much about it. People and businesses spend large sums of money creating media specifically targeting the greatest number of people within a demographic as possible. Or they have a great venue – maybe an amusement park, stadium or airport where information is appreciated and necessary. And still, they don’t think much about it.

What aren’t people thinking about? Who cannot access their media. Why? Most people have never really thought about accessibility.

Well, Arabotz Media is here to make you aware that there are a lot of people – 10%-20% of the population – who do not access media in all the ways that the majority of people do. That’s a pretty significant number of people that you’re not reaching. We’re also here to tell you that there are solutions that are simple, and effectively increase the number of people who are getting your message.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around this site and learn a little about barrier-free and inclusive media. If nothing else, you’ll become more aware of what your media isn’t doing for you and that’s a start.



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